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Boosting Reading Metacognition!

Oh, you guys. This year. It has been such a roller coaster for me. I have two little babies at home, and I have been battling the feeling of hating my job because I hate leaving them all year. 

I mmeeaaaannnn...LOOK at those sweet faces. Could you leave them?? I cry approximately 3 times a week.  Anyways, I really love coaching (when I get to do it). My job is technically supposed to be 50% coaching teachers and 50% intervening with tier III students, but the reality of it usually is that I end up with students most of the time, because coaching needs only arise so often, and urgent intervention is important. But what has happened (and what I understand happens to many coaches in our area), is that your tier III caseload gets really big because people who make these decisions for you don't see you working with teachers every day and think you have tons of time...and then a teacher needs you, and you have no time in your day to help them. :(  I view coaching as having a much bigge…

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