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My name is Stephanie, and I am so glad you are here! I am a classroom teacher, turned instructional coach outside of Nashville, TN!

My purpose in creating The Tennessee Classroom is to connect with teachers like me and provide a platform for sharing ideas and stories from my classroom. Since I began studying to become a teacher, I have always felt that teachers really need to back each other up. The online community that has been formed through blogging, TPT, social media, etc, has been so inspiring to me, and I can't help but join in.

I also just love my students and my school. If this blog only existed for me to write about the things I love the most about my job, that would also make me SO happy. 

I have my Masters degree in Elementary Teaching, and I earned it at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. I live and teach a little south of Nashville now, and Tennessee is where my heart will always be. If my blog title wasn't enough of a hint, I am a Tennessee girl through and through. 

When I am not teaching, I just hang out with my little family. My husband and I have two beautiful babies: Isaiah and Josephine. 

Welcome to The Tennessee Classroom. :) 



  1. Shut the front door! You went to the University of Tennessee Knoxville? I'm currently sitting outside Ayers hall gushing over my fellow Volunteer blogger!


    1. Ayers Hall is my happy place! That's amazing!!!


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