Unshakeable Summer Book Club: Chapter 1

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I am a new, gigantic, Angela Watson fan. I've blogged about her Podcast, Truth for Teachers, before, and now I am participating in a Facebook-based Summer Book Club focusing on her fabulous book Unshakeable
The platform for discussing the book is really only through the Facebook group, and I am not here to share everyone's thoughts at all. I just had so many thoughts about the first chapter, I want to expand on them through this blog. 

Chapter 1 is titled: 

There were some parts of this chapter that I felt I am already doing well, and some things that I struggle with big time...but I have a new perspective that I am very excited about!

What I do well: Sharing my interests, personality, and humor with my students has always come easily for me. I have grappled with this a little. I will see some teachers who are truly just teachers, and they have almost a Jekyll and Hyde routine with their job. They put on the teacher mask, the students know nothing of their personal lives, and they really don't know very much about their students' lives either. They teach the standards, assess, and go home ready to take off the mask and be "human again". 
I get that. And I have had moments where I admire that. I've wondered if maybe I am a little too personal with my students...will it get in the way of their academics? Can I be rigorous and funny? If they make too many jokes about how many cups of coffee I've had, will I seem less of a leader and more of a peer? 
What I've come to decide (and what this chapter has reaffirmed), is that no harm has come from me being Miss Hannah, with a strong side of Stephanie mixed in. I think a good point to make here is that I would be considered by most to be a strong role model for students. It's not like the "Stephanie" side of my personality talks about my favorite kind of wine, or how my fiancé and I quote Drake & Lil Wayne lyrics as part of normal conversation. But they do know my favorite books, that I have a fiancé, that I won't kill bugs in my classroom, but I will go to great lengths to get them outside. They know that I used to believe that I would never go to college, but that I had several teachers who (slowly) changed my mind. Like Angela said...her students knew Ms. Watson was in charge, but they also were familiar with Angela, and that was fascinating to them, and it strengthened their bond. I was proud to think of the bonds I have created with my students in the past few years because I made a point to share my authentic self with them. 

What I can improve upon: Chapter 1 also focuses on the harsh reality that being a passionate, authentic teacher is only possible if you are a passionate, authentic person outside of your career. This one I can confidently say I am not great at. Of course I have interests, hobbies, friendships and all of the things that create a life outside of my classroom. Am I good at cultivating those things? No. I felt like she was describing me in that part about being too tired to do menial tasks...even if they only involve sitting on the couch and writing something down, or calling someone. Mental exhaustion is real, and this teacher can attest to it. I will put things off for weeks that are so simple to do, because I actually feel like I have nothing left. I will let books pile up next to my bed for months. Calls will go unanswered for many, many days. I have this awful habit of being really awesome on Monday, and by Friday the students are lucky to get 5 minutes of conversation or light-heartedness out of me. Now I understand why, and it seems almost stupidly obvious. I feel like I can take care of myself on the weekends. I "have time" to cook, exercise, catch up, etc. I come back on Mondays with that re-energized spirit. The thing I need to remember is that I actually do have the time to do things that energize me the rest of the week. I will actually be more productive in my classroom if I'm not dragging myself there each morning during the week. I will feel excited about my personal life, which will keep me authentic and passionate during my professional life. 

So simple, but so hard to remember. 
Have a great Tuesday, friends! If you are interested in the other 19 ways to enjoy teaching every day...check out Angela Watson's books on Amazon, or visit her website cornerstoneforteachers.com. 


  1. Alright, I'm going to have to get this book. I think you and I are the same person? I sometimes fear that I am being too much of a friend to my students... so may people told me that I had be their teacher and not their friend, but I totally agree with you (and Angela). It makes you a real person to them, which makes them trust you more. My favorite part of teaching is the relationships I make with my students (and sometimes their parents). I feel like I have a good balance, and I am sure you do too! :)

    On the other hand, I am right there with you on the "needs improvement part." I've said it a million times, but my poor husband gets about 0% of me during the school year because I feel like I have nothing left after giving 100+% at school all day! (Our significant others are saints for putting up with us!) Even though I know I'd feel better if I came home and exercised or did something for myself (which I think teachers feel guilty doing), I just want to sit on the couch and watch TV (which is just as selfish HA!).

    Why don't we teach at the same school? Or live in the same city? Let me know if you're ever in town! :)

    I'm glad we're in all of this together, even if we "never have time" to catch up! Good luck with back-to-school and wedding planning!! We definitely have to catch up after the wedding!

    Fervent First Grade Frenzy

    1. Yes we do!! And you should totally read her book...or listen to her podcast!! Just search Truth for Teachers in iTunes. It's free and it's amazing!
      If I am ever in Knoxville, I am definitely calling you! We have to make time to catch up!


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