Where do I begin?

I am so excited about this blog. I mean, SO EXCITED. 

First of all, it's beautiful. Erin Gray at www.twothirdshazeldesign.com did an incredible job!

Second of all, it is a long-time coming. I have been toying with the idea of starting a teaching blog for over a year. I think my students are amazing, I think my school is incredible. I think that I work in a state where education is at the forefront of the conversation, and I am excited about that. I think about teaching all.the.time. But it's a different thing to subject others to what I think about teaching, my students, or my school. 

Here are my hopes:

I hope that this blog allows me to bring something to the teaching community that inspires other teachers.
I hope that it makes connecting with other teachers who have amazing ideas a little easier. I have already stolen so many ideas, but I have never been able to tell any of those educators thank you!
I hope that you like what you see, and want to come back to hear more about my little slice of Tennessee heaven.

Welcome to The Tennessee Classroom.


  1. I'm so excited for you and I'm oh so stinkin' glad that you love it just as much as I do! But now it's official; I can't steal it for myself. Welcome to the world of blogging girl!

  2. What a beautiful design! I hope it will be fantastic inspiration for your new blog :) Erin rocks, doesn't she? She did my design as well, and I'm equally obsessed.


  3. Cat,
    Erin is the BOMB. This design looks so much like me...I'm amazed!

  4. You are awesome! I only wish we taught the same grade! :) Well... I also wish we were still close enough to encourage and support each other daily- wouldn't have survived grad school without ya! This snow break has inspired me to start selling items on TPT, maybe spring break will inspire a blog... It's encouraging to hear how much you love it! It's the best job out there, even if it is stressful at times- it couldn't be any more rewarding!

  5. Delaney-
    My thoughts exactly!! I really want to hear about how your classroom is going this year!
    I'm so excited that you've started selling things on TPT. I started not too long ago, too. It's tough to keep up with!


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